Friday, August 22, 2008

Favorite Things Friday

I was thinking of some of my favorite things that I use all the time and came up with two that I am going to share.

My favorite Starbucks drink - ummm, tall (or grande - depending on the day), 145 degree soy latte. Very tasty, but make sure you get it less hot than normal as soy has a lower rate of burning or something like that.

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As well, Starbucks has these great customized cards. Have you seen them? I got my husband one and didn't register it right away (the syrup that he has in his drink isn't on the options, and at first I was mad and wouldn't register it, now I am over it and will get it set up right now. What a fun, personalized gift as well - bridal party gifts, thinking-of-you gift for your future spouse, hostess gift - lots of options. I got it for my husband because he cannot ever remember his drink (tall two pump white mocha tazo chai latte) so I figured this would help him out so that I am not the only one that can order.

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My other favorite thing is collapsible boxes. My sister got me hooked on mine I think - got them from Home Depot in the organizing section. We use them for groceries (along with our canvas bags) and at Costco - they always come in handy. Or for camping. Transporting things around to weddings, etc - lots of uses. Love them. Obviously (hence the name) they collapse and store away flat and we usually keep them in our car.

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