Thursday, January 29, 2009

Noteworthy's Update

It's true! Noteworthy Designs has moved. There are lots of changes for us in the near future and one of them has been moving back to Calgary! It was bittersweet - sad to leave Medicine Hat but also glad to be 'home' in Calgary.

Thank you to our Medicine Hat past clients and fabulous vendors that we had the privilege to work with. I appreciated your support and encouragement during our time in Medicine Hat.

Past clients - I do look forward to continuing to hear updates on your lives! If you are ever in Calgary, I do enjoy a coffee catch up!

Past vendors - I will continue to check your blogs (those that have them, of course) and see what is happening with your endeavors as well. I believe it is an exciting time for Medicine Hat's wedding industry and look forward to watching it grow from afar.

Another Noteworthy Designs update is a little more personal. My husband and I are expecting our first child in May. We cannot wait!

photo from And no, it isn't me in that photo!

With that, things with Noteworthy Designs will be evolving and changing...for the better. Stay tuned for an announcement soon.