Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kids or No Kids

Many couples opt to have no children at their wedding. And that is perfectly fine. Many clients ask how to make that clear with their stationery.

While it isn't proper ettiquette to write the clear message right on your invite, there are several ways to make your decision known.

First off, guests should hopefully know that who is invited is who is listed on the envelope. Whether you are doing a double envelope or not, the outer envelope should clearly be addressed to who is actually invited
ie. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smith or The Smith Family

But sometimes, couples don't think that will be enough for their guests to get the message. Some write, "Adult only reception"

Finally, the response card also serves as a clue for guests as to who is invited. Some couples opt to write
We have reserved _______ seats for you

And then they write on each RSVP card to how many seats are reserved.

Really, these rules don't just apply to kids who aren't invited, but also those unmarried friends that you prefer to come solo rather than with a date who is in a committed relationship.

P.S Guests over the age of 18 should receive their own invite, whether they live at home or have moved out.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nerdy Invite

What is memorable about a wedding these days?! Making it personal! Tkaing something unique and fun about you as a couple and infusing it into your wedding. Take a look at this digital invite. Nerdy? Sure! Creative? Definitely! Truly reflective of the couple? 100%

Love it! You can either play the game as the groom or as the bride! So fun.